“He has good English already”

When new Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy arrived at Chelsea this summer, he was largely speaking French to the defenders around him because many of them know the language.

But Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma has revealed that he doesn’t need to translate for Mendy anymore, but he has no idea how he got so good at English.

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Speaking to the Chelsea website, Zouma said “Edouard is a very nice guy and he has good English already – I don’t where he practised that, but he’s got it!

“I don’t even have to translate things for him now, but on the pitch we can speak both English and French. ”

Well, someone needs to give his English teacher a pay rise, because that is pretty impressive after only being in the country for around four months, even though Mendy did speak some English when he arrived.

But it also shows the desire and commitment that Mendy himself has to succeed at the club. Whilst many of the defenders could still communicate with him, it shows your determination to the cause to get your head down and learn the native tongue properly.

Zouma continued: “I try to help him [Mendy] but you can see he has settled here very well already, everyone likes him, and he’s doing a good job at the minute, so I’m very happy for him.”

He also spoke highly of Thiago Silva, who has been equally as impressive since arriving in the summer, he said:

“Thiago is a very good player. He’s very calm, he’s very experienced, he never gets stressed, his positioning is very good and he’s very, very clever without the ball, and with the ball too, even if he gets it when there’s pressure.

“He’s won many, many trophies in France, he’s been playing in the Champions League, so he brings experience to the team. He’s very fit, he’s inspirational to all the others. He is taking care of his body and hopefully he can play even…


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