‘Haunted’ Vinnie Jones leaves home he shared with late wife but still talks to her daily

Vinnie Jones has moved out of the home he shared with his late wife as he’s haunted by the memories of the time they spent there together.

But the football hardman says he still speaks to Tanya’s spirit every day while making his bed at his new pad.

Vinnie is now living near his pals and a golf course in LA as both distract him from his ongoing grief at losing Tanya to cancer in July when she was aged 53.

He is also throwing himself into work to cope with his devastation by keeping himself occupied.

Vinnie said: “I have a film ­production company and we have a £100million investment fund.

“And I’ve got my wooden flooring company, Deacon Jones, which is ­doing great, so I’m keeping busy.

“I have to go with the flow and ­accept it will take time to come to terms with my grief.

Vinnie Jones broke down as he opened up about losing wife Tanya to cancer in Juy
(Image: Tim Merry)

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“There’s no point in fighting it. Tan was an incredible, ­remarkable woman and I will never get over losing her.

“But I have lots of happy memories – she left me with a ­lifetime’s worth.

“I don’t need to ­carry a memento ­because she is always here, in my heart.”

Vinnie said he also finds comfort in talking to his wife Tanya every day about what he is doing. He explained: “Every morning, I get up, make my bed and have a little chat with Tan about what I’m doing and how much I miss her.

“Even now it’s one day at a time.”

Vinnie said Tanya was a “remarkable woman”
(Image: Collect Unknown)

But Vinnie couldn’t bear to stay in his marital home after Tanya’s death, ­adding: “I moved nearer my golf club friends at Toluca Lake.”

On taking therapy and talking to his pals about his feelings, he said: “I see mental health as the hub of a wheel, with lots of spokes. Each spoke represents a different type of issue and mine just happens to be grief. I’m…


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