Chelsea injury updates on Reece James and Hakim Ziyech » Chelsea News

Chelsea are currently enduring a bit of a rough patch on the pitch to say the least, and the injury news sort of reflects that statement as well.

We have good and bad news after another frustrating night at Stamford Bridge last night, which saw Chelsea draw 1-1 with Aston Villa and the pressure ramp up on Frank Lampard.

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The good news is that Hakim Ziyech could be available for Manchester City on Sunday, if that game goes ahead due to a Covid outbreak at City. But if it doesn’t then Ziyech will be back for our next match regardless.

Lampard said (via Sports Illustrated):

“There is a possibility he could be fit for Manchester City if it goes ahead on Sunday. I will know that later in the week, but he is certainly progressing to the point where he is very close to fitness.”

However, it looks like Reece James has got another injury as well as the knee issue he has been suffering with.

Thankfully though, Lampard describes the Hamstring injury as being ‘small’, which hopefully means he should not be out for many more matches, if at all.

From Sports Illustration again, Lampard said:

“Reece James has got a small hamstring issue and I am not saying that’s why Azpi played because I probably would have played him anyway.”