The bizarre reason that Luton were ten minutes late for second half against Chelsea » Chelsea News

Luton were late coming out for the start of today’s FA Cup match against Chelsea – fair enough, it happens. And the snow falling heavily all morning made a good excuse.

When they appeared a full TEN minutes late for the second half however, more explanations were needed.

The BBC, who are covering the game in the UK, had one potential reason – the clock in the temporary dressing room in the Stamford Bridge hotel was slow.

You can see the BBC team discussing it in the clip embedded here:

An extended break at Stamford Bridge… might be time for some new batteries in the changing room clock!? 😂#FACup live text: #CHELUT

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) January 24, 2021

It’s perfectly possible – unlike in the proper dressing rooms where there’s an automated bell that goes after 15 minutes, there’s no such techn involved when it comes to this Covid-contingency dressing room.

Or was it all mind games from Luton manager Nathan Jones?


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