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Yesterday was a busy day – Frank Lampard was sacked in the morning, and by the afternoon we were already getting leaks from all sides telling us about the breakdown behind the scenes at Chelsea.

The most eye-catching story was about a conflict between Cesar Azpilicueta and Antonio Rudiger, but according to well placed German insider Christian Falk of Bild, that’s not true.

NOT TRUE ❌ @ToniRuediger had a clash with Cesar Azpilicueta TRUE ✅ Rüdiger has a normal relationship to Azpilicueta without any „clashing“ @DailyMailUK

— Christian Falk (@cfbayern) January 26, 2021

He also shoots down the rumour that Rudiger went to the board to discuss his issues with Lampard.

NOT TRUE ❌ @ToniRuediger talked with the board and complained about Lampard. TRUE ✅ Rüdiger didn‘t talk with the board. He had no contact to the board in general

— Christian Falk (@cfbayern) January 26, 2021

He also adds that the defender is going to stay at Chelsea this month, despite not having played much so far this season.

NOT TRUE ❌ @ToniRuediger wanted to leave @ChelseaFC if Lampard wouldn‘t have been fired. TRUE ✅ Rüdiger decided already that he stays at Chelsea anyway this Winter

— Christian Falk (@cfbayern) January 26, 2021

Given all these revelations are on the former Roma player’s side, we can safely assume it’s his camp briefing Falk. It’s hard to know what to believe now, and it’s not going to get any easier, with all manner of dirty laundry presumably still to be aired.


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