Christian Pulisic laughs with Tuchel over “Azpli” misunderstanding » Chelsea News

Thomas Tuchel and Christian Pulisic had an excited chat on the touchline just after half time last night, and we assumed it was just them getting to know one another again after a few years apart.

But Tuchel’s comments after the game revealed what they had been laughing about – the coach calling Azpi “Azpli” by mistake.

Just before Pulisic comes over to explain you can see Tuchel excitedly calling “Azpli” over for some instruction. The Spaniard doesn’t say anything, but he has his teammate Puli on hand to sort matters out.

You can see the moment in the clip embedded here, with footage from SuperSport:

Pulisic taunting Tuchel for mispronouncing Azpi by calling him “Azpli” 😂

A new father-son relationship has formed the Bridge.

— TLV (@TheLampardView) January 28, 2021


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