Chelsea moved too late sacking Lampard – they missed out on perfect replacement Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino would have suited Chelsea better than Thomas Tuchel.

Okay, there would have been uproar to begin with from Chelsea fans because of his Tottenham past.

But Pochettino is a proven Premier League manager, knows all the players already, and could have made an impact straight away.

Tuchel could take a couple of months to get used to the league and find out everything he needs to know about his squad.

I know Pochettino took the PSG job at the start of January but Chelsea must have known they were going to sack Frank Lampard.

They could have marked Pochettino’s card and asked him to wait. I think Pochettino would rather be manager of Chelsea than PSG.

Mauricio Pochettino recently took over as PSG boss
(Image: GETTY)

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It’s more of a challenge for a start. In Paris all he has to do to win that league is make sure his players remember their boots every week.

And he surely would have loved coming back to London to try and show Spurs they’d made a mistake getting rid of him.

I was shocked Chelsea sacked Frank. I thought he would get more of a chance than this.

No-one was queuing up for the job when he took it and they had just sold Eden Hazard and couldn’t replace him.

Thomas Tuchel is tasked with winning trophies at Chelsea
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But he got them into the top four and took them to the FA Cup Final. I thought it was wrong to sack him. Their next few fixtures were all winnable.

And they’ve only given Tuchel an 18-month contract, when they gave Frank Lampard three years.

If he’s such a good manager, why is his contract so short? It shows what they must think of him really. He was probably the best could get at short notice.

But he has a history of being high maintenance and if he falls out with the people upstairs like he has at other clubs, he won’t last long.

Frank Lampard was shown the door by…


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