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Yesterday we heard the first official press conference from new boss Thomas Tuchel.

The new Blues head coach was unveiled officially on Thursday lunch time in front of the media, and he delivered a very confident and intelligent press conference, no doubt earning even more fans.

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It is a new chapter at Chelsea football club now, and Tuchel has the reigns. Whatever thoughts we have/had about Lampard, it is time to back the new man and hope for success.

What is clear is that the former PSG and Dortmund boss is very excited to be managing this club, and he is full of ideas and determination to bring success and trophies here.

In the off-air questions after the press conference, Tuchel has been talking about falling out with the PSG board, and why he already has great impressions of the Chelsea board who have a ‘very easy structure.’

As reported by Goal, Tuchel said:

“It’s pure passion—also some principles. Your word is your word and I trust the word of a man.

“What I like now and why I am very positive is that I am self-aware that this is a thing to improve, to be also more relaxed and not to be too stubborn in my beliefs.

“The structure that I find here is very clear and a very easy structure. It is easy to understand there are not many people who make the decisions and I can absolutely live with that.

“When things are clear it is on me now as the head coach to adapt and to make my opinion clear and to give the analysis of what I see, what I feel and where I also think that we can still improve and I hope this comes along in the right way.

“I got two titles in the league and we won four in the last season. I got sacked so it was not enough [at PSG],” he added.

“What I meant with the word was, your colleague mentioned difficulties between certain people on the board and me. It came up, I have to admit, in the transfer periods where sometimes the wishes and…


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