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Listen, we all have our views on the situation that unfolded this season with Frank Lampard clearly having a breakdown of relations with a number of first team players.

But the fact is, none of us will truly know what happened and what didn’t happen at our beloved club over the course of the last two seasons, only the people involved will ever really know that and I suspect it will be a long while before any of them speak about it, if at all.

Strained relations, ruthlessness, and a board not in-sync with the manager – The stories of Frank Lampard’s Chelsea reign are filtering through now. Read the latest HERE!

However, the players have moved forward collectively pulling in the same direction for the good of results and for the good of success of this football team, which can only be a good thing.

Thomas Tuchel has given them all a clean slate, even Marcos Alonso, who scored a beautiful volley to put us 2-0 up against Burnley this weekend.

Former blue Pat Nevin believes the show of unity after the goal was for Alonso and the fact he had made it back in the fold.

“The new manager will have also been delighted that two of his biggest decisions, to play Cesar and Marcos Alonso, paid off so handsomely and so obviously with the two goals,” Nevin wrote in his Chelsea column.

“It was particularly interesting to watch the reaction of the team towards Marcos after he scored the cracker that wrapped up the points. He was immediately surrounded by just about every member of the team.

“Now it is not worth hiding the fact that he was pretty close to persona non grata for a large part of the season, so some may think that the show of affection was aimed elsewhere. I suspect you would be wrong in that assumption.

“In every club players go in and out of favour with the managers, it is part of life and more often than not the rest of the team do not take sides because they have their own work to be concentrating on.

“However, when their mate is back in the fold, the…


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