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Edouard Mendy has had a shaky couple of months after a strong start as Chelsea goalkeeper, but the last 3 games have seen 3 clean sheets, and tonight he was praised by his manager after the game.

Thomas Tuchel has barely seen Mendy in action until tonight, so sparse have the shots in the previous games been, and tonight wasn’t much different.

The German coach actually picked out his stopper’s ability on the ball as the most impressive part of his game today.

We do remember one moment in particular where he took a touch that drew in two Spurs attackers, only to release the ball to Marcos Alonso who was able to play it first time into midfield.

Tuchel on Mendy’s surprise impact: “Edou was excellent on the ball, opened up some situation when we were under pressure.” #CFC #TOTCHE

— Nizaar Kinsella (@NizaarKinsella) February 4, 2021

Nizaar Kinsella of had the quotes from the former PSG boss.

Mendy’s confidence looks restored with 3 central defenders ahead of him, and we look forward to the whole team benefitting from another good run from him.


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