Sheffield United vs Chelsea blunder left ‘up to 100,000’ unable to watch on Sky

Sheffield United and Chelsea’s Premier League clash left “up to 100,000” viewers unable to watch on Sky Sports because of a huge pre-match blunder.

The Blues managed to scrape past the top-flight relegation battlers to secure a crucial three points at Brammall Lane.

With the broadcaster averaging 1.5m viewers per game, it was a big clash of the weekend – but “up to 100,000 were let down.

The charity Colour Blind Awareness have previously stated that one in 12 men – or six per-cent – are affected by the visual impairment.

As Sheffield’s red-and-white kit clashed with the visitors’ “arctic blue”, it left some viewers venting their anger on Twitter.

Sheffield United vs Chelsea featured a blunder that left ‘up to 100,000’ viewers on Sky Sports unable to watch
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“What a ridiculous, unnecessary kit choice from Chelsea tonight,” one supporter said.

Another commented: “Someone with a bigger brain has got to explain how this is easier to see than Chelsea playing in their home blue kit?”

While a third had a ruthless response, with: “I turned it on, saw 20 matching shirts and simply turned it off again.”

And a fourth sarcastically added: “Well done, Chelsea – you really needed your almost-white away kit for this fixture.”

The Blues’ away kit clashed with the red and white of the home side, which did not pass the colour-blind test – as six per-cent of men are registered with the disease, that could have been up to 100,000 of the 1.5m viewers Sky Sports get on average

All Premier League kit requests are put through an “online software tool” before the match to make sure they are “colour blind friendly”.

But Chelsea’s win over Sheffield was the fifth time this season that kits have clashed – despite huge volumes of guidance from the FA, UEFA and top-flight.

And the charity explained that both teams…


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