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Chelsea won again in the Premier League last night beating Sheffield United 2-1 to move them up to 5th spot in the table.

As always after the game there were a few questions surrounding injuries and absentees.

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Most notably was American winger Christian Pulisic. Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that he has ‘some family issues to resolve’ and rightfully so, ‘family comes first’, as reported by WAGNH.

Next on the agenda was Thiago Silva, who missed the game last night after picking up a muscle injury against Tottenham last week.

The goal for his return is the Southampton game on February the 20th Tuchel confirms, but with a bit of hope it might be sooner.

Finally, the German boss is not concerned over Timo Werner, who was seen leaving the pitch with a cold bandage on his leg. Tuchel confirms that was just a ‘dead leg’ and will not be anything more.


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