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Chelsea are pretty tight as a club when it comes to their media policy, and there’s little that leaks form the club beyond what they control on their social media channels or through their sponsors.

Players are restricted on social media, and staff don’t generally give interviews. That’s why it’s interesting that Zsolt Low, one of Thomas Tuchel’s new coaches, has been speaking extensively in the press. have the quotes here, with the original interview coming from M4 in Hungary.

In the discussion, Low reveals what the club was expecting this year from the new coaching staff:

“We didn’t arrive with the goal of winning the title in these few months.

“It would be a brilliant performance to be able to finish in the top four, which the club would be happy with.

“It’s amazingly difficult to win against any team, not only to be prepared against sensational players, but the very best coaches are also working in the Premier League.”

That’s pretty much in line with what we expected. The situation was pretty bad when they arrived, even though the following fixtures were easy. The top four looks very possible now, but it felt far off just a fortnight ago.

With the Champions League and FA Cup still also in play, there are several avenues by which we can make this new season a success.


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