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Chelsea have been involved with many big transfer sagas over the years, and if there is a player linked to be moving you can often expect to see Chelsea’s name involved.

For this particular saga though, it is clear that Chelsea WERE involved.

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Although this target appeared to be much more of a Frank Lampard driven target rather than the board, but he was still a target and we are unclear whether he remains a target or not.

The Telegraph have dropped Chelsea’s name in the latest story on Declan Rice’s valuation, with West Ham boss David Moyes suggesting he is worth much more than the owners £100 million valuation.

Rice’s future is still unclear, but he has ambitions to play in Europe and win trophies, which is largely where all the recent speculation came from.

But Moyes isn’t worried..

“The owners think he’s worth £100 million, well I completely disagree with that,” said Moyes. “I certainly wouldn’t put a price on it. You can decide which figure you want to put on it, but I wouldn’t be sanctioning anything like that, that’s for sure.

“I think every player will have a price in football, whoever you name, even Lionel Messi has a price. At the moment, we have had no contact for Declan and I am not in a hurry to lose him as you can imagine.

“Do we need the Champions League to keep Declan? No because Declan is under contract first and foremost, so he can’t go anywhere no matter what.”


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