Frank Lampard’s former Chelsea fines axed as Thomas Tuchel makes drastic changes

Frank Lampard’s fine list at Chelsea has been axed as Thomas Tuchel has been reining the changes in.

The German has remained unbeaten since taking over from his predecessor in January, looking to make it 12 games against Leeds.

Recording a 49 per-cent win rate in his 57 games in charge, the Blues’ former midfielder ended up falling out with his players on the way out.

One of his measures to try and keep the squad in line was a long list of fines which totalled a whopping £53,500.

But Tuchel revealed that he has put his mark on the squad by removing Lampard’s measures.

Ex-Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has seen Thomas Tuchel axe his huge list of fines

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Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s clash against Leeds, the boss said: “I was not aware of the fines. But first of all I trust that people show up on time, because a group is like a family.

“I’m more into trusting and convincing them about the values than setting the rules and fines.

“I’m not against fines but it should be something in the dressing room that experienced players take care of.

The former Blues boss’ list was leaked on Twitter, totalling £53,500
(Image: Twitter/GMS_Football)

“Nobody has been late yet for a meeting or out on the pitch. If a player arrives at 10.01 or 9.59 I am not the police.

“I won’t be hanging around the window checking the time and I expect my senior players to take care of that — to guide as an example how you live at Chelsea.

“If they organise this with fines then they can have a nice dinner or a nice holiday together. It’s on them. This is how we do stuff.”

And Tuchel has said he is ‘more intro trusting and convincing’, removing the fines system

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If players reported late for training under Lampard, Chelsea stars would be fined £2,500.

However, they would also be fined a staggering £20,000 if they arrived late…


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