Premier League predictions: Lawro v Police Academy actor Steve Guttenberg

Two 1980s icons go head to head this week as Police Academy and Three Men and a Baby star Steve Guttenberg takes on Mark Lawrenson at predictions.

Guttenberg, whose new film Original Gangster came out this week, admits he is not much of a football expert – the last time he went to a game, Lawro was still playing.

“It was around 1987, when I was in the UK and Ireland filming High Spirits,” Guttenberg told BBC Sport. “My co-star Peter O’Toole was a big rugby fan and loved the Irish teams but he took me to a bunch of soccer games too.

“I’m more of a baseball fan really but I did play soccer in High School. I was third-string goalkeeper – I don’t think I was that good, but I had a great time.”

Guttenberg sports an amazing wig in his new film Original Gangster – “I was channelling Gary Oldman in True Romance there.”

Guttenberg has not played any football for a while, but he does have some experience of life in a dug-out.

He played a Texas sheriff turned football coach in 1995 Disney film The Big Green, which saw a female teacher on an exchange from England turn around the fortunes of an underachieving school team, with his assistance.

“That was a GREAT soccer movie,” Guttenberg added. “I’d be quite tempted to do some coaching in real life too – I’m hoping to be hired by Manchester United. You never know.”

Guttenberg (left) shot to fame in Police Academy, and played Carey Mahoney in the first four films of the famous franchise. He has promised to take Lawro out for a pint the next time he is in the UK

Guttenberg says he does not support any particular Premier League side but for various reasons, he is hoping Liverpool, Everton and Crystal Palace win this weekend.

“I love Liverpool as a city and I’ve been there many times,” he explained.

“Not only that, I have a bit of history there – my grandfather escaped the Russian pogroms on horseback after the Bolshevik Revolution and made it all the way to Liverpool.

“He lived there for five or six years before he got on a boat to come over…


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