Every word Thomas Tuchel said on Chelsea’s Champions League tie with Porto and Kante concern

Will you take a more direct approach tomorrow?

Well we tried in the first leg and it did not always work out. I think you have to accept against Porto it’s tough.

In some minutes we created quality in their half, we managed to control the match, to create half-chances and find acceleration, we had good counter-pressing.

In some minutes they escaped the pressure and can be very dangerous with runs, dribbling and quality. Sometimes they overload the sides and give you a lot of questions to answer.

They are very strong at set-pieces.

So it’s a little bit like the first leg, up and down. You won’t control a whole half, maybe five to 10 minutes. And then maybe the momentum shifted a little bit.

This is maybe what we had to accept against them, and maybe what we have to accept against them again. But don’t worry, it’s normal.

In all their CL matches, against City, against Juventus, they have shown that.

They are a proud club, a very emotional team, this is what we have to accept. And that we should not over-expect from ourselves, or lose our momentum, because these moments will come.

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Two big games this week, how significant are they to ensure you can end the season with a trophy?

Well if you want to finish the season with a trophy we’d better win both matches, otherwise could be difficult!

Because the Premier League title will not be our job to lose.

It doesn’t help to reflect too much about it, we have to play these games but it’s most important for me to be fully focused on what we do, and forget that we have already a result, and forget what we did at CP because it’s the past.

There’s nothing less interesting in football than the past. Everything that counts in football is the next match, the next competition.

So full focus on tomorrow, we can be absolutely self-confident, because we have a strong squad, the squad can rely always on…


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