English Super League rebels to land mega fines from Premier League – but won’t lose points

The ‘Big Six’ Premier League clubs European Super League rebels are set to land mega fines – but they will not be docked points.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham left top-flight fans furious when they were announced as part of the breakaway league.

With fans protesting and the teams back-tracking within 48 hours, it saw talk soon turn to how the teams could be punished.

And the Telegraph have reported that the punishments may not be as strict as hoped.

The six clubs will be ‘fined substantially’ for their part in the ESL alongside Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter and Juventus.

The Premier League is set to put mega fines on the European Super League rebels – but there will not be points dedcutions

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This is intended to ‘make clear the seriousness’ which the other 14 top-flight clubs felt the offence had been committed.

But it is not the same story in terms of taking points off the ‘Big Six’, which would have only taken place in the 2021/22 campaign.

Premier League officials have not decided, though, whether the fines will need to be payed ‘immediately or deducted from future broadcast income’.

The ‘Big Six’ will be ‘fined substantially’ for their part in the breakaway league

This has come as the clubs broke rule L9 of the English top flight, which requires shareholders to get written approval before joining a new competition.

While the rule which would lead to a points deduction is E33, requiring a club to be insolvent such as Portsmouth in 2010.

The report went on to state that ‘little further action’ could be taken by the top-flight against the ‘Big Six’ unless it involved the removal of club’s committee representatives.

But they cannot consider points deductions as it applies to a different Premier League ruling

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